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Friday, June 11, 2010


In my first post I thought I'd welcome you all to my blog. This won't be just about gardening or homeschooling or even photography, but rather a collection of ramblings with no set topic and no set agenda.

I'm sitting on the couch with my latest purchase, a Powerbook G4 15" (1.67gHz, 2GB ram). It's far from new and has a few scratches, but it's mine. :o) For the days I sit at my very cluttered desk, I use my iMac, powered with an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6gHz processor and 2GB of ram under the hood. More than sufficient for my facebook addiction! But tonight I just want to relax with my feet up, and so it's time to get comfy with the PB.

You've probably figured out I'm a bit tech-savvy. I grew up a Microsoft Windows gal, but since hooking up with Dave, he's introduced me to the Linux and Mac operating systems. I will say, in my opinion, they're much superior to windoz, but they do have their limitations. There isn't the vast selection of game software available. But there is a wide selection of office-productivity software that can do as good a job as any windoz product.

Since I'm on the subject of technology, let's chat about my gadgets that make my life complete. First is my Blackberry Curve 8330. It's a very handy smartphone that lets me surf the internet, send emails and text messages, keep organized with my calendar, take pictures and videos and play games. I can even use it to phone a friend! To me, the best application on it is Blackberry Messenger (bbm). It's an instant messaging system between blackberry owners. Each bb has it's own PIN number which you can add to your contact list. BBM is completely FREE and such an addicting form of communication.

My other fave is my iPod Touch. The only two things it CAN'T do is phone a friend or take a picture (or video). There's an application for everything you can think of, and then some! I play cards and keep up with sports standings (PGA, NASCAR, TSN, etc...). If I need a recipe for supper, I can look it up. If I want to try a new drink, I have an app for drink recipes. I can surf the 'net, send & receive email, and if I'm connected to wi-fi, I can even use Skype to text chat with friends and family all over the globe.

This summer, our wireless provider will be adding the iPhone 4 to it's smartphone lineup. Will I stay with my Blackberry (and BBM)? Or will I make the leap and switch to the iPhone? I have until December 2010 when my blackberry contract is up for renewal. I bbm a LOT with Dave and his sister. If I switch to the iPhone, I won't be able to instant message with either of them (if they're away from a computer). Many iPhone users chat through Skype so the function is still there, but you can't Skype on a Blackberry. Oh, the decisions...

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