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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Play Ball!!

David & I started seeing each other June 22, 2000, and with this being our 10 year anniversary, I wanted to do something fun as a family. The weather was too unpredictable to take the kids to the lake (and the water too cold!). And since the boys just finished up their T-Ball for the season, they were still talking baseball.

The Swift Current Indians played a home game on Tuesday, so we took the kids in for that. Us big kids had a great time watching some adult baseball. The kids just wanted the food. Oh my the burgers smelled wonderful! But we had just enjoyed a chinese smorg supper and were all full to enjoy any of it.

The boys did manage to score some roasted sunflower seeds from a fan sitting behind us. And we bought them some pop to wash down the shells (they don't know how to crack them open yet). So that kept them entertained while the game played on.

The Regina Red Sox were in town that night, and unfortunately the home team did not score any runs. Regina won the game 4-0.

Oh! I forgot! I won a prize!! That evening's game sponsor was Swift Current's Living Skies Casino. As game sponsor, the Casino donated various prize packages to be won by fans throughout the game. It was the last draw of the evening when our program number was called. I won a red fabric carry-all bag, a dark navy blue sweatshirt, a tan ball cap and a red stainless steel water bottle with it's own carrying pouch, all from the Casino. The sweatshirt was so very cozy too, since the evening air was quite cool from the humidity. And the ball cap even fit my big fat head (I blame the hair....LOL).

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