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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2010 Champions - Chaplin 6 & Under

Our boys were on the 6 & Under mixed t-ball team this spring. Due to the dwindling child population in the area, there were only 3 teams (Chaplin, Hodgeville and Morse). All three of our boys were on this team (age requirements are 6 or under, with 7yr olds as "overage"). Most of the team had played last year, so it was just a refresher year for them. Some were brand new to the sport. All had fun, which is most important!

The kids had 4 games this year, one home and one away, against each competing town. With the weather playing a factor it was hard to get the games completed, and even tougher to get in a practice or two. But the kids all enjoyed it and had fun.

Playoffs were originally scheduled for Saturday, June 12/10. But again weather got in the way, and so they were moved to Sunday, June 13/10 in Vanguard, SK.

The 6&U started their first game at 9am, versus Morse. They did good and won that game (not sure of the score). On to our second game at 11am, versus Hodgeville. Hodgeville is a very tough team to beat, but we did it! We won both games, and had a break until playoffs at 3:30. Hodgeville played Morse at 11am, and Hodgeville won that game.

Our niece and nephew and a classmate of theirs played on the Morse 8 & Under team as there wasn't enough players to form a Chaplin team. They played at 1pm, so we sat and watched them while our team ran around to burn some energy. It's hard being 6yrs old and having to pay full attention to a ball game, when all they want to do is play in the sand and chase gophers. LOL

By 3:30pm, the kids were getting tired and didn't want to play yet another game. Us parents were getting hot and sunburnt and had to convince the kids to play. We won both games in the morning, so we were the "home" team and had last bat against Hodgeville. The kids did quite well, beating them 8-7. The kids were happy the game was over. The parents were happy the kids were happy!

Congratulations Chaplin 6 & Under, you had an awesome season!!

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  1. That's AWESOME! Congratulations, boys! And kudos to you parents, I would have never been able to sit there for 6-7 hours!