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Monday, March 6, 2017

With A Paintbrush In One Hand... And A Beverage In The Other

Do you paint? 

I've started and I quite enjoy it! 

Paint Nite events have taken the country by storm this winter. You may be more familiar with Corks & Canvas in your location. But whatever your event is called, it's an evening of beverages and paintbrushes and good friends (or strangers!). 

The artist instructs the group step by step to recreate one of a kind personal masterpieces. At the end of the evening you take your artwork home with you.  

Some turn out quite well. Some not so well.

Here is a painting I recreated.  It was to have a couple turtles in the water.  I don't care for them, so I left them out.  And added my grade-school birds flying in the sky.  A stretched out "m".

See my palm trees?  Ya, neither do I.  I wasn't paying quite enough attention to the artist when she was describing how to paint palm trees.  My leaves should all be hanging down.  Oops....artistic liberties!

This is my favourite.....White Tiger Gaze.  He's watching you wherever you are in the room.  I am quite proud of how well this turned out...I took him to work and hung him in my office!  

If you have the opportunity to attend a Paint Nite or a Corks & Canvas event, do it!  You'll have a great time.  This was way out of my comfort zone, from the first painting to my last.  I'm far from artistic, I'll be the first to admit that.  But after just a couple events, I tried painting on my own at home one evening.  Laptop was on the counter with a Pinterest painting opened.  My canvas was propped up against the microwave.  The table was full of paint bottles.  And I painted.  Yep, I made mistakes.  So I waited for them to dry and painted over them.  It took me awhile.  But I finished :) I took the knowledge I was taught at the structured events and used it at home.  And I loved it!

You might too ;)