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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well, it's been an awful week here on the farm. It's been snowing. And after that, it snows some more. The next day if we haven't had enough snow, we get more. And the wind!! "Would you like your snow drift supersized ma'am?"

See the drift in front of the van? I used to be able to drive right up through the snow towards the tractor. Good thing Dave finally got the tractor started! I'm not shoveling that much snow ;)

Where did Dave go? I just see snow flying in the wind!

I should go get some more pictures, to prove just how deep the drifts were, but I'm lazy. And it's cold outside. And I'm not dressed for the weather. All good excuses right?

But soon enough I'll be showered and dressed and heading out to work. I just wish the roads were as clean as my trail is now. :(

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