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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


What a rude awakening I received this morning! -30C on the thermometer!!

There was nothing I wanted more than to cuddle back under the covers. But alas, Dave has been working off farm this past week, driving dump truck for the local salt harvest. His shift starts at 8am so he's up by 6:30am, often earlier to ensure he gets all his morning chores done. Today he informed me he was not going out to milk Daisy (our Dexter cow that's become our main milk supplier). He said it was -30C outside. WTF?! Just because it's January in Saskatchewan doesn't mean the weather needs to be that cold.

And...since Dave is off working 12hr shifts in a warm cozy (but uncomfortably rough) dump truck I'm stuck at home with the boys and the critters. I am the one feeding cows. I am the one retrieving eggs from the chicken coop. I am the one tromping through knee high snow drifts to take grain to Nanny, our annoying goat. I am the one trying to recover from a nasty cold and cough, while trying in vain to continue our homeschooling teachings.


I miss Dave and his handiness throughout my day. I never realized just how much I depended on him! It seems to take me forever (!) to do chores every day, whereas I'm sure he can get the jobs done in a couple hours.

No fair.

I want him back.

Anyhow, I'm quite sure that if the temps were a bit more reasonable and my health was near 100% the chores wouldn't have me so completely exhausted every day. Really, bundling up in my snow gear is a chore itself (extra socks, ski pants, hoodie, jacket, boots, neck band, toque, mitts). Then to climb into and out of the skid steer at least a dozen times is another chore. Cutting and manually removing the twine from at least 3 large 5'x6' bales in -30C with a windchill of -35C is tiring. I'm not really cut out for this job...I wanna quit!!

But...I will continue on my newest adventure of taking care of the farm while he's off working. It's the least I can do, considering I've been off working myself and leaving him to the farm and the boys far too often.

Thanks sweetums! ;o)

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